Electric Vehicle Chargers

Benefits of the Wall Connector
  • Faster Charging

  • Make your Electric Vehicle even more Convenient

  • Better Tracking and Data on Charges through Apps

More About Electric Vehicles (EV)
  • When Going Solar with an EV you can charge your car using sun! With No more trips to the gas station and the reduced utilities through solar its the ultimate combination!
  • You can claim a 30% Tax Credit on EV Wall Connectors and Installation Up too 1000$. Learn more HERE.
You must also purchase the Wall Connector. 
  • For People buying a Tesla you can buy your Charger HERE  We are an Authorized Tesla Charger Installer.
  • For Non-Telsa Owners we reccomend purchasing a Wall Connector from Charge Point
  • If neither of these options work for you then check Clipper Creek
We install Electric Vehicle chargers for any electric vehicle. While many vehicles do not require a charging station, they will charge faster than a regular outlet.





"We are excited to reduce our carbon footprint and support a local company in doing so." - Jesse B.


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