Design & New Construction

"South Sound Solar was highly recommended by our builder" - Jeffery F.


When dreaming of a new house, it is never too early to plan for a solar energy system. It is best for us to see the building design in the planning stage. We can design a system to blend in and enhance the beauty of the project by pre-installing the solar infrastructure as the building is under construction or being remodeled.  Installing a solar array is easiest during construction. We work with many local builders to create great solar arrays on new buildings. Whether you are ready for the entire array, or are interested in a pre-install to allow solar later. Planning it during construction is the way to go.




We have also worked on existing houses, barns, businesses, apartments, hospitals and even schools. We will consult with you about the solar project you are considering. We can also recommend energy efficiency basics such as insulation, weatherizing, and passive solar.


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