Service & Repair

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Maintenance Inspections

Inspections are important and an easy way to help your solar array last, and generate energy for as long as possible. Refer to the Manuals below or call us for more info. 

Cleaning PV

Dirt, debris, pollen, and more can build up on your solar array reducing the energy production. Call or email us TO SCHEDULE a time, to get a quote to clean your array.


Damage or equipment failure can be inevitable. When it occurs you’ll need solar experts to do the repairs. Our suppliers have robust warranties that also include labor, and if it's not under warranty, we have reasonable pricing. Whatever the issue, our solar technicians are able to help you get your system back up and running.
"When there was a slight problem, they handled it professionally, honestly and promptly." Frank & Carole B.



South Sound Solar Cleaning & Inspection Guide

Itek Panel Cleaning

For further user manuals please contact us and we can help find them for you. 


Solar Education