We prefer to use Made In Washington products, but if we are unable to we try Made In The USA. Our ultimate goal is to have products we trust that are reliable to provide to our customers. 



SilFab Elite circle

Made in Bellingham, WA SilFab Solar 410-BG Elite solar panels. We have used Made In Washington solar panels since the day we began.


America’s most beautiful, reliable, and powerful solar panel manufactured exclusively in the USA.

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SilFab’s proprietary X-pattern technology combines an integrated cell design with an innovative conductive back sheet to create a more efficient and powerful solar panel. It’s sleek, elegant, reliable, and is manufactured in the USA by SilFab.

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Battery Back Up


Tesla Powerwall 2 is Nema 3R rated, allowing for exterior or interior mounting. They are designed to work with, or without solar. And with new or existing solar systems.


The Powerwall 2 does require an internet connection. Tesla is based in Fremont CA

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Tesla Powerwall + Inverter and Powerwall together.


Fortress Power EVault can only be placed indoors, it does not require an internet connection. We mostly use this battery with Sol-Ark inverters

Battery Back Up

Fortress Power is based in Langhorne PA

powerwall_2_XL_500_500_80_s_c1 d9162001-5625-49ec-9030-724ec56c9cf366 MicrosoftTeams-image (14) Side-45__89933 Battery Back Up



APsystems Micro Inverters - Are great for systems that have trees or other obstacles that block the array from getting a full day of sun.


Micro Inverters attach to the mounting equipment and sit under the panels. APsystems is based in Austin TX.


SMA Inverter is a lower cost option, for people doing larger systems in full sun.


SMA is based in Germany, which has a similar climate to Washington State


Sol-Ark Inverter are for Battery Back Up/ Off Grid systems, they have generator integration which allows the batteries to be charged by the sun, and a generator.


Sol-Ark is located in Allen TX

Inverters Inverters sma-sunny-boy-inverter Inverters sol-ark-hybrid-inverter-1_ddea27ae-60fa-42f8-a3b9-dc058559d9db_1830x Inverters