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Is Your Site Right For Solar?

With the current federal tax credits and local incentives, installing a solar array is more affordable than a few years ago. Take some time to check your site yourself before you bring in a solar energy specialist. It is also smart, affordable & an investment. And by "investment", you get more from it than you put in.
Evaluating your home for solar is simple; just follow these four easy steps:

  1. Check Your Paperwork
    * To be eligible for solar incentives from the government and utility companies, the person who owns the system (you) must own the property where the solar is installed. The utility account for the property must be in you name as well.
  2. Check the Orientation
    * For the most solar production, face the array south-ish. Arrays that face fully east or west also produce plenty of power.
  3. Check Your View
  4. Check Your Structure

"I was intimidated by the initial process, but once I spoke to them I felt confident that it would be an easy process" - Kelli N.

Picking the Right Solar Installer


Check Their Licenses


Location Visits are Key


Compare Like to Like


Ask for Your Solar Potential


"Start to finish, it's been an enriching education." - Becky L.