Solar FAQs

How Long Will My Solar System Last?

Solar Panels often have a 20 year warranty and we have seen many systems that are 30 or more years old and still generating power.

Can I Sell Electricity Back To The Electric Utility? 

Yes, if you have a grid-tied system you can get both the Production Incentives and Net Metering. The production incentive pays you for everything you produce and net metering credits you for the energy you do not use.

Can A Solar Panel Generate More Energy Than Was Used To Make It?

 Yes. A standard solar panel is able to generate as much energy in less than one year as was used to produce it. Over its lifetime, a solar panel generates 20 times more energy than it took to create.

Should I Wait For New Solar Technology?

No. Solar panel technology is mature and powerful. Most of the new products are just changes in style or design. Waiting a few years for better solar technology means not having solar now.

Does My Roof Material Matter?

Solar can be mounted on any roof material. And if needed, we can mount it to the ground. We may recommend a new roof, depending on the condition and life expectancy of the existing roof. We have installed solar on roofs with composite, metal, torch down, tile and many more.

How Much Annual Maintenance Is Required? 

Solar arrays require very little maintenance. They should be inspected for damage and safety every year. The solar panels should be cleaned every year or so. South Sound Solar provides maintenance services and can recommend local cleaning companies. Or try it yourself (South Sound Solar Cleaning & Inspection Guide).

Is Solar Hot Water Or Solar Electricity Better?

We currently recommend solar electricity (PV) with an electric hot water heater. Solar hot water (thermal) systems are more prone to failure and require extra maintenance. We can service hot water systems.