Energy Monitoring

Monitoring Every Array

At South Sound Solar we include a solar monitoring package with all of our installations. Most solar technology has monitoring incorporated, but when it doesn't we exclusively use eGauge. eGauge can also be added to any system. Monitoring tracks the energy production of your array, either through real time data or a log, depending on the product installed. Monitoring is a great way to inspect the performance of your system.
For energy enthusiasts, eGauge is able to track energy all across a building, generators, lights, appliances; even electric car chargers can be monitored. It allows home or business owners to monitor their usage, and view their solar production all on the same display. 

Example Production Data (In Real Time)

HOW TO READ THE MONITOR: eGauge can monitor your solar (green) and energy consumption (red).

South Sound Solar Main Office eGauge (External Link)



  • Real Time Energy Data
  • Compare Energy Generated to Energy Consumed
  • Track and Improve Your Energy Usage
  • Monitoring for Troubleshooting

"We highly recommend South Sound Solar to anyone interested in going with an alternative energy source." - Jan & Emmett B.

eGauge is easily installed in electrical panels and integrated into your home.